Located in the heart of cognac, we have two production areas with a total area of 200 hectares, respectively located in: the big champagne area and the small champagne area. The soil rich in active calcareous makes our "water of life" delicate, charmimg and fragrant. The ups and downs of grape plants, facing south, with sufficient sunshine and excellent natural environment, make us obtain the "water of life" with rare quality.

About Duc de Fugue

In 1789, the first drop eau-du-vie from Duc de Fugue winery was successfully distilled in the Grande champagne area (known as the "top production area"). After more than two hundred years of inheritance, the winery stores the best cognac for future generations. Duc de Fugue produces about 1600000 bottles Cognac for every year, with a total planting area of 200 Hectares.