About Duc de Fugue

DUC DE FUGUE is one of the oldest wineries in the same family inheritance.

The winery is located in a large area of land with a unique climate, which determines the quality
of its grapes.

Since the 18th century, the land has gradually expanded its winery scale.

The name DUC DE FUGUE was extended until today.

In 1789, the first Cognacs of DUC DE FUGUE were distilled in the top producing area,
Grande Champagne.

After more than 200 years of inheritance, the best cognacs stored in the “Chai” are left to
future generations.

Every year, around 300,000 bottles of different series products are produced, totaling 200 hectares
of planting area.

Duc de Fugue VSOP

GRAPE: Ugni Blanc.
COLOR: Golden brilliance.
AROMA: The mild spicy aroma of Vanilla, Clove and Cinnamon.
PALATE: From the first sip, you can feel the balance of the strength of aging “Eau-de-Vie” and mild blending.
AGE: 6-20 years.

Duc de Fugue XO

GRAPE: Ugni Blanc.
COLOR: Dark amber, charming gloss of topaz.
AROMA: Dried ginger and dry fruit at the beginning, citrus and lemon skin come after.
PALATE: Mild, silky, smoothness. The immediate fragrant mellowness shows the mildness of blending.
AGEL: 20-40 years.

Duc de Fugue CRISTAL

GRAPE: Ugni Blanc.
COLOR: Crystal clear, dark amber.
AROMA: Ripe fruit, rich fragrance of spices. The taste of maturity and harvest.
Mellow and smooth like honey.
PALATE: Naturally harmonic aftertaste offers a prolonged enjoyment of supreme quality.
AGE: 30-50 years.

Duc de Fugue EXTRA

GRAPE: Ugni Blanc.
COLOR: A blend of maroon and amber color.
Symbol of quality after long aging and skillful blending.
AROMA: Rich and beautiful aroma, with air of forest, full, mellow and harmonic.
PALATE: The fullness and mellowness are active, smooth and fragrance from aging.
AGE: 40-60 years.

Duc de Fugue DIAMOND

GRAPE: Ugni Blanc.
COLOR: Warm golden amber.
Symbol of super quality of blending and aging.
AROMA: Delicate floral, spice and pepper.
Slightly distinct aroma of chestnut and sugar-soaked fruit.
PALATE: When kept in mouth longer, the essence of flavor will disperse, the sweet fruity taste stays in tongue, harmonious layer of flavor.
AGE: 80-100 years.